MA Sustainability + Design Blog (UEL)

NOTICE: Construction Week starts Tuesday 22nd September until 9th October, for all Full time students and Part time students in module ARM 152, Urban Ecology.

1:1 Construction Week

In group, students across different postgraduate architecture courses, develop a 1:1 solution to a given brief. They also built their design as a tool for the investigation and interrogation of ideas, delivering a conceptual and contextual assembly of both pre-existing and original areas of knowledge.

The MA Sustainability & Design students in particular, will combine their environmental design interests & research with innovative and experimental building solutions and methods.

This development, design and building of a 1:1 piece requires precise articulation and resolution of the group's architectural ideas; delivering organisational options and clarifying the choices to be made, turning an abstract idea into workable and satisfactory solutions which meet a brief.

Students and Staff collaboratively help deliver a bespoke design to an often real brief and real client, this allows students and the university to put their educational values to work as part of a community. 

This 'Rural Studio' approach allows students to investigate in a short period of time how to build.

This year the MA Sustainability Students are working in 4 different sites, together with other architecture students.
Brief site descriptions and locations are set out in links below:

2009 construction sites - Brief Overview

Construction Week Site 2: 
Living Streets Haringey: Community growing -  KEYHOLE disabled garden (Seven Sisters) Read BLOG

Construction Week Site 3: 
Friends of Tottenham Marshes Permaculture adaptable shelter + rainwater (Tottenham Hale) BLOG

Construction Week Site 6: 
Haringey 'Making a Difference' Allotment Community Room (Turnpike Lane) BLOG

Construction Week Site 10:
Research Project: 'micro- growing shelter+water drip'. (UEL/Turnpike lane) BLOG

Construction Week Site 11:
School garden project 1: bird watching logcabin (N19) BLOG

Construction Week Site 12:
School garden project 2: Shelter + rainwater catcher.(N4) BLOG

Construction Week Site 13:
School garden project 3 : micro vegetable/fruit garden(N7) BLOG